Neil Singh

"Rated as one of the top 20 Customer Experience #CX Influencers for Augmented Reality"

Immersive AR Workshop

Learn how to build campaigns as immersive experiences using tools like Augmented Reality.

Visual Story Telling

Ignite and empower your online audience and communicate your message interactively.

Digital Ecosystems

Learn how to utilize and monetize AR / VR / MR in your business.


Viral Video Workshop

Learn how to develop video marketing campaigns and which social platforms to promote them.

Data Visualization

Present big data visually so that it captivates, convinces, and compels customer action.


Work with me to create a podcast about how AR, VR and MR can be used within your specific industry.

About @bizg33k


Neil Singh

The Business Geek!

Bizg33k stands for business geek, which is what Neil has become known for as a social contributor on networks such as Twitter. Neil holds a Masters degree in business and marketing, and has written several articles on technology and VR/AR topics.

Work with Neil!

Keynote Presentations

Learn how to create AR / VR / MR ecosystems to drive customer engagement and demand.

CX Workshops

This 2 day workshop teaches how to create an amazing customer experience using the science of service delivery.

Discover Data Visualization

This workshop teaches you how to create tangible commercial opportunities from big data.

VR/AR Applications

I can help your business develop specific applications using Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Highlights video from #CES2018

Here is some cool footage of all the technology on display at the #CES2018 expo from Las Vegas!

There will be some blogs and featured content about the many things which were on display from robots, drones, smart appliances, computing and self driving cars.