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My Story

A Kiwi in Cleveland

I moved to Cleveland at the end of 2016, from New Zealand. My wife is a Cleveland girl, and was the main reason for my move. But also coming to America was a journey that offered new opportunities, especially for a small town Kiwi boy.

During 2017 I could not legally work as I was still going through a lot of paper work for my greencard which I recieved in September. I started to integrate with the Cleveland community. This resulted in the team from Global Cleveland and Destination Cleveland hosting my wedding in March 2017. I was amazed at how warm and caring the community here was.

I volunteered myself and my skills to a number of organizations such as Cleveland Foundation where I produced video of Steve Case and their annual event in 2017, also the Cleveland Public Library where I wrote a blog about the Superman Exhibit among other articles about the Science Museum and Rock Hall of Fame. I also attended the red carpet event for the Wahlburgers opening where I got to meet Mark Wahlberg.

Giving Back

My Journey Continues...

Slowly but surely I became a voice in the local community but at the same time I built my national appeal too here in the US as a contributor to financial news network Cheddar Live.

Eventually I got my first real job attending CES with Case Western University and helping them with their social media at the event. While providing national exposure to some of the amazing innovation CWRU students were working on at Thinkbox, I was able to boost my own profile also by writing about the highlights at CES and producing video.

After being introduced to a few events I was reminded of my college research in brand marketing within 3D games, this inspired conversation with the immersive technology community where I became an active participant in the VRAR community.

By noticing how inspired people were when I discussed my research I started to investigate the commercial opportunities in immersive technologies further. This led to setting up a freelance startup, and becoming an active voice through blog writing within the VRAR community and building a social media audience of nearly 4000 people.

Whilst I have taken odd jobs in 2018 to support my wife, I have also created my startup under the Business Geek LLC and through this I provide both digital marketing and immersive technology services.

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What My Client Say



Alok Bhaiji

MD Injury

Neil helped us build our website and correctly defined our injury care services, and delivered a high standard of work.


David Pollock


Neil continues to help Mirari develop its business providing technical and strategic expertise.


Rod Trenne


Neil helped me develop my online portfolio, with examples of my work in automotive and defense industries.

What I Offer


Web / Cloud Hosting

High quality, fully featured website and domain hosting services. Services include security, database, ecommerce, email, content management and more.

Content Marketing

Create relevant and engaging content for your online audience with proven strategies using SEO / Email Campaigns / Video to convert leads into customers.

Application Development

I use Agile process for web / mobile or augmented reality applications development and can help your company design, build and deploy solutions.

Social Media

Social Media is about more than just posts and clicks, it is about converting visitors into customers and building relationships. Work with me to develop your SM strategies.

Workshops and Training

I help companies learn about how they can effectively apply immersive technology to maximise their revenues and improve their operational process.

Research and Writing

Whether it is a project plan, startup pitch, website copy or blog articles, let me help your business communicate effectively.

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